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Hampton Roads is a military community through and through.  Along with a huge Navy footprint the region hosts major Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard facilities.  The military has a huge impact on our region’s economy.  The military buffers Hampton Roads from the severity of economic downturns.  During economic downturns military personnel and their families continue to move in and out of Hampton roads as their station orders change, which reduces the negative impact of a nationwide decline in the housing market.  The federal government spends billions of dollars each year in Hampton Roads for military operations.  The Navy alone continues to be a major economic driver in Hampton Roads that provides meaningful employment for uniformed personnel and civilians while also supporting private businesses throughout the region.

Service members are often choosing to come back to Hampton Roads or stay here once they retire because of the incredible support and quality of life our community offers our veterans.  Not to mention that our military preserves the freedoms that all Americans enjoy.  We are indebted to our military and our team at Thompson Law Group wants to give back to the military community that has been so valuable to Hampton Roads.

Please visit the below websites to learn more about how you can support military personnel and their families living in Hampton Roads.

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