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If I am buying or selling real estate, at what point do I need to hire a lawyer?

As a seller, you should consult a lawyer before signing the listing agreement. It is a binding contract when signed by both parties. Likewise, the seller should understand the buyer/broker’s form before signing. This could potentially obligate the buyer to pay all or some portion of the real estate commission. If you’re entering a real estate agreement, give us a call. The attorneys at Thompson Law Group are very experienced in real estate law.

What factors should be considered in choosing the type of business form for my business?

There are many things to consider when choosing a business form. Some of the main considerations include your preference of tax treatment, whether you plan to issue stock and trade it publicly, how you intend to structure the management of your business and issues surrounding the liability of the business owners.

Discuss your business goals with a corporate attorney from Thompson Law Group PLLC. Contact us online, or give us a call at 757-486-3333.

What is the difference between a criminal and a civil trial?

A criminal trial is a legal process that involves the federal government and a single person or group of individuals who are suspected of having committed a crime. Civil suits on the other hand, typically take place between two private or non-government parties for various reasons.

Call the Thompson Law Group at (757) 486-3333 or contact us online to discuss your criminal or civil litigation needs.

What should I do if I’m pulled over for a DUI?

Don’t admit to anything and don’t perform any field sobriety tests.  You are required to provide your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, but any additional questions that may incriminate you, such as the drinking questions, you can decline to answer.

If you are on probation for a DUI conviction or are under 21, you must submit to that roadside PAS device test. Otherwise, it is just another field sobriety test that you may decline.

If probable cause is found, then you are required by law to submit to a breath or blood test when the police take you into custody.

As soon as you can, call the DUI defense attorneys at Thompson Law Group at (757) 486-3333 or contact us online.

Do I need a lawyer if I intend to plead guilty to criminal charges?

Even if you intend to plead guilty to your charges, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a lesser charge or lighter sentence.

If you’re facing criminal charges, call (757) 486-3333 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

After my divorce, how much spousal support will I have to pay, and for how long?

Some areas have guidelines that dictate the appropriate amount of spousal support based on a percentage of your gross income. Other areas have no guidelines and instead consider recipient’s need and your ability to pay.

On a long term basis, the court will consider your ability to pay and the recipient’s needs. Alimony may be paid for a defined duration or for the lifetime of the recipient.

A lifetime of alimony is a considerable amount of money. It’s very important to contact the Virginia Beach divorce attorneys at Thompson Law Group during this difficult time. Contact us online, or call (757) 486-3333.

I was in an accident. What should I say if the other person’s insurance company contacts me?

Only give the representative information regarding damage to your vehicle and its location. Never give a recorded statement or discuss the facts of the accident. Tell the insurance company representative to contact your insurance company or your lawyer.

The personal injury lawyers of Thompson Law Group can help.

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